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Delete Wikipedia - Connection with news desks

Published 19/01/22 18:20

We have been contacting news desks around the country to see if they would like to make anything of our website and things are looking good so far :). They have consistently asked for more information and have visited the site to see what's going on. While The Sun news desk initially showed interest they seemed very disengaged when I called back, I dont rate them very well because of this. The BBC have shown some interest in putting the site somewhere with a tech focus, which I think would be a great honour, so more on that as it arrives. I do look forward to passing the barrier and potentially going viral as the information we would be left with could help Wikipedia.

I will be reaching out to Wikipedia again to confirm they have no problems with the site and that nothing I haven't considered will affect them.

We are still working on our SEO (for higher ratings on the search engines) and while the site is working fully, the race has still not officially started, so keep your eyes and ears open for more information soon. We are also still deciding if we need adverts to fund the site or if this can be done another way. As we were turned down for the free credits under the Google startup scheme this could be difficult, but this will be attempted a second time, and I will also be looking for other cloud platform startup schemes. Running the site could be difficult if the site reaches a much larger size, but there will be no intrusive adverts placed on this site ever. If you have ideas about this feel free to go on the contact page and email me. Thanks for being here, Felix.

Delete Wikipedia – Updates on the SEO situation

Published 9/1/2022 23:15

For anyone that doesn’t know SEO is the ranking of the website in search engines.

We’re doing better right now than we were before, but we’re still not on the results for the main search we would like to come up on, “delete wikipedia”. The results for searching “deletewikipedia” seem to have us quite highly ranked, with the official Delete Wikipedia website and twitter account ranking better for this search and the copycats are apparently removed.

Another positive is that Google AdSense are taking longer to asses our page than before, possibly because there is more content here now as that was the main reason they gave for not accepting us the first time around. This could be a positive sign for the future of this site because if we could monetise the traffic fairly there would be no issue paying for hosting, even if the site gets really large or is mentioned somewhere prominent.

We’re also planning to register for various startup schemes to try and make this site what it could be and these startup schemes may get us started with some extra mentoring and credits for cloud hosting.

If you have any feature requests please email or you can submit an issue on GitHub, maybe fork our GitHub project and provide a pull request.

Welcome to the original DeleteWikipeida

Published 4/1/2022 6:40AM

With the original launch date past and the new launch date fast approaching, we are dealing with people who have copied our site ranking higher in google than us and with getting our site correctly indexed.

This will be the first blog post, hopefully there will be many, about all the things going on as the race gets started and as it progresses. There is no telling how long the race will last or if it will ever finish. It might get mentioned somewhere popular and be over in a few days or, we may reach a point where everything left is loved by everyone and never deleted. Either way we will have learned something, the insights will be posted in the Wikipedia IRC channel as they are found.

What would mean a lot to us is just that people hear about us and start thinking about how we can improve agreement on the internet. Personally I’ve been lucky enough to notice that two people who think the same thing are still capable of arguing for hours that their viewpoint is more correct without even realising that the other person thinks the same thing.

There is plenty of scope for people working on algorithms to improve agreement, and eventually we hope to contribute more to this field. For example we may be able to apply a simple cancellation algorithm to a large enough conversation dataset to find out what things that are always seen as true. This might work in practice like the following example: Given the following dataset (in practice it would have to be like all the messages on WhatsApp for example):

Person 1: “I like solar energy”, Person 2 “I like coal power because its cheap”, Person 3, “I think coal can be good but also bad”.

From this we apply a cancellation algorithm, where we process the statements to find out what they are about and the sentiment about that thing. The first sentence would be a positive sentiment and the subject would be solar. The second and third would be on the subject of coal and they would be 100% positive and 50% positive respectively.

This is very useful because from various sources we can relate coal and solar to power sources, so when we look up power sources in our app we can see “Solar: 100% positive” and “Coal: 75% positive” and know which one is better.

My dream is to use the massive surveillance networks to figure out things in this fashion automatically. Things that everyone rates positively and to internally allow government to provide the things everyone agrees on without people having to invest. Its important to note, this form of computer aided government has never really happened before, people used massive social systems to do the same thing, and just because it provides things for free, does not mean its doomed to failure like some past governments that worked based on giving things for free, where people took too much. Because, anyone at all spotting a negative would stop the things from happening in this system until there was something to correct it.

These are a few of the things that form the motives for this site and drive it forward. Expect more.

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