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Welcome to where people are encouraged to delete wikipedia articles and sentences from our copy of Wikipedia!

Among other things, like trying to jumpstart work on agreement using computers, the aim is to see the last article and sentence left which we will crown the most agreeable article and sentence of all time.

Take part in the experiment by searching for your article below:

Any bugs or suggestions can be emailed to me (Contact). This is a game and your deletes will be permanent only on this site.

The race has unofficially started, we will think about restarting the race officially once per year or when the whole thing has been deleted. The current race has been running since December 21, Enable JS

There are currently 6368710 articles left out of 6368867.

0 have been deleted in the last 24h.


I’m here because I want to delete something on the actual Wikipedia, how do I use your service?

Ah. While we can definitely appreciate that you might want to delete from Wikipedia, for example if there is an article about you. This site’s delete function does not delete from the actual Wikipedia site, despite containing an exact copy. It only deletes only from the copy. If you want to delete from the actual Wikipedia, I’d suggest that you come up with a good reason or a legal reason and put it on the talk pages on Wikipedia itself.

You are encouraged to delete whatever articles from here anyway, it's a competition to find the last articles left so delete anything you don't like. Think of it like a game or a race. Best of luck with your deletion quest!

OK, what should I do to get started?

To get started search for an article title, and use the delete button as many times as you like (its free). If you don't want to delete a whole article you can delete individual sentences too.

What? No one should delete Wikipedia what are you doing?

We're laughing a bit here. First, its important to note we’re not deleting the actual Wikipedia, we took a copy (Wikipedia provides these free) and we have processed it and stored this copy on our server. The delete function will add a record to our database saying that the page should no longer be displayed. That’s all we’re doing, and because its a game/social experiment with informational value we think there is no need to panic!

What? What benefits does deleting Wikipedia pages have?

Well, the main benefits are with what’s left over, and what isn’t deleted quickly... This will allow us to verify some articles are at least somewhat less controversial. The aim of the game, is to find the last thing left at the very end which will be crowned the most agreeable (or insignificant) part of Wikipedia. This is all an exercise to provide datasets that can be used to improve Wikipedia and other data services and, agreement on the internet. Don’t worry though, while your IP address will be in the access logs as is standard on every website we will not link any identifying data into the things we release.

What? You have access logs?

Yes. So does almost every site.

Recently deleted articles:

  1. China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation
  2. China Water Industry Group
  3. China Television
  4. China National Maritime Day
  5. China Dialogue

Recently deleted sentences:

  1. Spacetime wave packets - sentence 1
  2. Met Office - sentence 77
  3. The Repair Shop - sentence 24
  4. The Repair Shop - sentence 23
  5. The Repair Shop - sentence 22

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